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Colorado Avalanche 5, Pittsburgh Penguins 3: Who's on board this sinking ship?

To read the gloating words of Colorado Avalanche fans, check out Mile High Hockey.

I'm not even mad anymore.  Seriously.  I can't allow myself to go into a raging fit of bashing and smashing (and crying) after the Penguins lose.  I wouldn't get anything done.

Today's game was your typical post-November Pittsburgh Penguins game.  A fair outing in the first period, just getting out with a 1-1 tie to start a new game in the second.  And then what?  They give up three goals to the Avs and back into the third down by two.

This isn't the comeback team we saw earlier in the year.  This isn't even the sort of team that can hold a lead.  Instead this is a team with no hope, no drive and no passion whatsoever. 

Michel Therrien doesn't look happy (surprised?).  Seconds after Crosby beat Andrew Raycroft five hole for the tying goal in the second period the camera cut to the Penguins' bench.  Therrien was all business as usual.  But there was just this aura about him - an aura that said, "Don't get too comfortable boys."

I could be reading it wrong, but Therrien's attempt to hold this team together is really starting to show.   Whether this is out of fear for his job or desperation to hold the team together remains a moot point - on the surface it sure looks like he's doing his job.

Speaking of the Penguins bench, Pensburgh user TrueBluePSU made an interesting comment during the open thread:

I just saw something at the end of the period as the teams were filing into their respective tunnels that really made me sick: Crosby, just sitting there with his head down on the bench. That is not the kind of leadership this team needs right now. I don’t care if he did just come off the ice, he should be standing there, waiting to go in, or off to the side encouraging the guys as they go in the tunnel. What kind of horse ____ is this where he just sits on the bench looking at his skates? I expect better from him and from any captain.

Is this team falling apart right before our eyes?

The good: 1G, 1A each for Malkin and Sid

The bad: Starting Dany Sabourin?  I'm against it from here on in.

The ugly: The entire second period

Honorable mention: Jordan Staal's shorty in the third gave us hope, slight as it was, that the Pens might be able to muster up some sort of comeback.  Obviously they didn't.

Next disaster: Tuesday.  In Philly.  7:30.