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Philadelphia announcers know what's best for Penguins

I turned on last night's Flyers/Leafs game for a few minutes in effort to catch a glimpse of this recently dubbed 'hot' team the Pens have waiting for them on Tuesday night.  Of course the ten minutes that I tune in for just happen to be at the tail end of the second intermission, but it couldn't have been better timing.

Frankly I hope the Penguins were watching too because this stuff could pose as some bulletin board material.

The subject of ten straight minutes of a FLYERS game was focused solely on the Penguins.  All four announcers involved in this on-ice-to-booth conversation seemed to find some satisfaction in the Penguins' recent struggles.

Can't blame em really.  It's not like Penguins fans wouldn't do the same. 

Pittsburgh announcers on the other hand exhibit a bit more class, often doing their best to fit as much Penguins material into a Penguins broadcast because the Penguins ironically enough pose as the team Penguins fans want to hear about.

Then I remembered what city I was watching.

We've talked about it here all week long, but apparently even the Flyers announcers feels it's time to discuss firing Michel Therrien.  "Pat Quinn?" one asked, pretending it's an original thought.  "Why not?" replied the other, contributing nothing whatsoever to the debate.

One of them even said firing Therrien is "exactly what the Penguins need," followed soon thereafter by a metaphor that compared Therrien to an "expired street meter" whose "five minutes were up."

Keith Jones, the only name I know out of the group, added a few robotic nods.

Laughs all around, followed by a graphic of the Eastern Conference standings.  Really wish I had this video.

The intermission cut away to a brief news teaser for the local Philly affiliate.  The anchor gave a quick rundown of hockey action from earlier in the day  but apparently lacks in the same department as most Philadelphia fans - intelligence.

Maybe it's a joke, something I may have heard wrong or perhaps even a way of Philadelphia trying to pretend they're the only hockey team in Pennsylvania, but she actually said the Penguins were Philly's "out-of-state rivals."  Not cross-state, out of state.  I'm 99% positive I heard it right because I even turned to my friends and said, "Did she just say out of state?"

Baffled look.  "Yes."