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Michel Therrien: What, me worry?

Michel Therrien didn't exactly use those words when asked if he was concerned about losing his head coaching job with the Penguins but he did share a similar sentiment:

"No.  Why? I'm not worried about that."

Michel Therrien on his coaching position

Close enough...

There's also a little bit on insight into the locker room provided by both the Post-Gazette and Tribune-Review.  This probably doesn't explain much about what was discussed behind closed doors during the Penguins' players-only meeting a few weeks back, but if anything it's enlightening to see a player come forth and express the makings of dressing room banter and the general vibes surrounding management:

"There's definitely no talk about it in the dressing room.  We definitely believe that we have the personnel and the guys to do it in this dressing room. We're not waiting for Ray to do anything."

Jordan Staal

This should hopefully cut some tension around the team, let the guys relax a bit and play some hockey Tuesday night against the Flyers. 

I for one can't help but keep an arched eyebrow throughout this slump. 

There's probably no use in comparing the two sports, but the general example that comes to mind stems from this past baseball season.  New York Mets manager Willie Randolph was told he had job security hours before the team's GM flew out to the west coast to fire him after a loss smack in the middle of a road trip.  Expecting the Penguins to treat Therrien the same way isn't likely at all, but the example proves it has been done before by professional sports teams. 

That resonates enough to keep me on edge, although after this past week of group therapy sessions and general discussions I can't see the Pens firing MT no matter how bad it gets this season. 

Which may lead to another question: Is management resolved to the fact that this season may be a wash?  Probably not.  No team founded on the grounds of athletic competition will admit defeat with so many games left to play. 

They just need to pull it together soon and by "soon" I mean yesterday.