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Pensburgh link hits: Shanahan's back, hockey rocks New Year's, Thrashers blog in the mix

Hat trick of Penguins blogs

Sean Leahy from GoingFiveHole and PuckDaddy breaks down some of the stats that may help explain why the Pens are doing so poorly.  Props for mocking Eklund - always a welcome sight on this blog.

Keeping with the trend, From the Rink takes a look at the Penguins' fall. 

Update your links - ThePensBlog has a new home.

Other NHL news

Recent addition to the SBN hockey network - Bird Watchers Anonymous, the home for loyal Atlanta Thrashers fans.  Start off your browsing with a look into The Falconer's mid-season review.

The Devils signed Brendan Shanahan after he pulled one of those late-season signings a la the works of predecessors such as Peter Forsberg, Teemu Selanne and Scott Niedermeyer, to name a few.  In Lou We Trust is pretty taken back by it.

CBC reports that the Winter Classic drew the best ratings for a U.S. hockey game in 34 years.  Sad thing to admit, great thing to surpass.

Vincent Lecavalier is the subject of a lot of trade talk.  Some think he'll be a Canadien soon.

Rick Nash is on the IR for the Blue Jackets because body+boards=pain.