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Tales of the Tape: Philadelphia Flyers 1/13/09, Eric Godard vs. Riley Cote

Good morning, Penguin faithful! I'll bet the morning air was a little bit sweeter this morning with the knowledge that the Penguins took down the Flyers last Philadelphia! So how could I make your morning a little better? Check this out:

You didn't exactly have to be Nostradamus to predict that Godard and Cote were going to go at it. So midway through the 1st period, it happened. Goddard and Cote dropped their gloves and the bell sounded (no, really - you can hear it in the video). The fight didn't last long as Godard unleashed fists like a man possessed and Cote went down as the linesmen hopped in to break it up.

This one looked like it could have gone longer. But it didn't. And maybe Cote could have come back and done something. But he didn't. Godard gets my vote on this one, most definitely. Boy, do I feel good.

Coming up is the other inevitable fight of the night involving Biz-Nasty and whomever he got his mits on.