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Tales of the Tape: Philadelphia Flyers 1/13/09, Paul Bissonnette vs. Arron Asham

So we got the inevitable Godard/Cote fight in the middle of the first period - we were then just waiting on when Paul Bissonnette, recently called back to the NHL, would inevitably drop the gloves. We didn't have to wait long, as he took on Arron Asham:

While not as "jacking" as Godard's fight against Cote, Bissonnette and Asham kept each other at an extended arm's length and swung for the fences...unfortunately missing for the most part. Bissonnette got a couple hits in, along with a body shot, but finally he dragged Asham in close and nailed him with the takedown to end the fight. The takedown calls it for me, and Biz-Nasty gets the win. Welcome back!

Two Penguin fight victories in one game. Whew - I think I need to lie down for a while.