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Tales of the Tape: Anaheim Ducks 1/16/09, Paul Bissonnette vs. Nathan McIver

When Paul Bissonnette came back to the Penguins, I knew there would be fighting on his part, but I wasn't expecting every game. Sure, this is only his second one back, but he's doesn't seem to be one to disappoint.

What first might catch your attention is that the announcers say that Biz-Nasty is fighting Steve Montador rather than McIver, whom he actually is fighting. By the time you catch on to that, though, the fight's already over. Biz gets a hold of McIver's jersey with his left hand and trades some right swings.

After connecting with a good right hand, Biz apparently realizes that his left hand is right next to McIver's face and starts jabbing away. It would seem that McIver doesn't enjoy hits to the face, and goes down to end the fight. Another win for Bissonnette on my list. This one wasn't even close.