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Pensburgh link hits: Eric Godard invokes Tie Domi, Panthers are playoff bound and Dion Phaneuf off his game

Hat trick of Pens blogs

EmptyNetters found a great video of Eric Godard riding his stick a la Tie Domi from his minor league days. 

Steel City Sports Fan grabbed a pic of Scuderi's face after the slap shot.  It's not that bad, but what do I know?  I didn't try to catch a puck with my face.

For those of you familiar with Hockey, Football and Stilleto Shoes, you probably know of Lori's obsession with Eric Godard.  Now she's showing some love for Dustin Jeffrey.  Hey, at least she's following her heart and not her wallet...

Other news around the NHL

The Panthers are beating more than just the Penguins this season.  According to they're making a healthy playoff push.  LitterBoxCats for your SBN Panthers coverage.

Dominik from LightHouseHockey takes a little jab at himself with a newly renovated Islanders logo.

The Falconer thinks the Thrashers are turning a corner.  I attribute it to Atlanta naming Kovalchuk captain.

Date Elisha Cuthbert and you're bound to watch your career plummet.  Needless to say, Dion Phaneuf is struggling.