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And the Pittsburgh Penguins wall clock goes to...


Unless you've been living under a rock the past four months (been there, done that), then chances are you've seen this whole "SPG Pick" thing.  SPG: Shot-penalty-goal.

Back in October or so I launched a contest in correlation with Carolls Cove to offer a Pittsburgh Penguins wall clock to the winner of Pensburgh's SPG contest.  It would run for the first half of the season, awarded to the one person who accurately predicted the first shot, penalty and goal of every period.

And so today we congratulate.  We thank.  We give Pensburgh user "Eighty-Two" a firm pat on the back for a job well done.  The clock is yours.  You earned it. 

For the rest of us losers (myself and definitely Dunman included), I plan on unveiling a new contest to close out the season.  "What" and "when" is still up for question, but the "how" seems pretty concrete at the moment.  Note: it will not be another SPG contest.

Congrats Eighty-Two, writer of Hockey Night in California.  This wall clock is for you.

Midseason recap/end of season preview coming up tomorrow.