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Pensburgh link hits

Seeing as how it was a quiet week for the Penguins during this whole all-star weekend thing, let's take a look at some other stories around the rest of the league.

CTV asks an interesting question: Can following your favorite team pose as a religion?

There are a bunch of "how to improve the All-Star Game" propositions up on PuckDaddy.  I'm all for the one that suggests the Winter Classic as the All-Star Game, even if Sean's not.  Although I'm also partial to my own suggestion - send it overseas.

Peter Forsberg might play again, or not.  Or maybe he will, or won't.  Or perhaps he'll try, or not bother.  Make.  Up.  Your.  Mind.

Apparently one of Alexei Kovalev's goals in life was to be the all-star MVP

This picture of Florida's Craig Anderson just made me laugh.  Here's to hoping you find it half as funny as I do.

Ok, somewhat relevant Pens news.  Ilya Kovalchuk may have posed as matchmaker for Malkin and Ovechkin this week.