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Tales of the Tape: New York Rangers 1/28/09, Eric Godard vs. Colton Orr

During the last meeting between the Rangers and the Pens, Eric Godard apparently brought up the prospect of fighting Colton Orr and was shot down. The Penguin nation was looking towards this game with the hope that Orr and Godard drop the gloves. We were not disappointed.

If you see Eric Godard on the ice for the opening draw, it's pretty much a given that he's going to be fighting and quickly. Three seconds in and Orr and Godard were trading swings. Godard got a couple swings in and some quick jabs (a technique he seems to like) before dodging several of Orr's wild swings. Orr swung for the fences and came up empty, giving Godard the opening to crack him in the face with a clean right. Orr's head shook like a rag doll and he went down to the ice.

Orr got back to his skates, but the linesmen were in, and the fight was over with a win for Godard. Fun times to start the game. Was Orr afraid of Godard last game? After that shot, I have to say that I would be too.