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Tales of the Tape: Florida Panthers 1/3/09, Maxime Talbot vs. Gregory Campbell

It wasn't a pretty day for the Penguins yesterday, that's for sure. In a game where nothing seemed to go right, another strange occurance happened - two fights in which Pens not usually known for dropping the gloves went nuts. Of course, one was an all-out ambush, but before we get to that, let's look at the first one:

Late in the second period, straight out of the draw, Max and Gregory Campbell drop the gloves and go at one another. They spin and spin and then they spin some more. After a couple of punches, Max loses his balance, but pops right back up before the linesmen come in and the spinfest continues. With Campbell losing his jersey, Max comes down on his arm which had to have hurt Campbell a little. Finally, Max gets Campbell's helmet off and entertains his head with a couple stiff shots. Finally the two, exhausted, go down and the fight ends (in what pro wrestling fans might consider a DDT).

It was pretty much even, except for getting Campbell's helmet off, which in my opinion warrants a win for Talbot. Go Max! And when Max wins a fight, you know how we celebrate:

Funny Pittsburgh Penguins Car Commercial, airing on FSN HD (via alex15211)

Shortly we'll be covering SID GOES CRAZY '09!!!!!