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Trade Sidney Crosby - for a conditional pick?!

I've seen weirder questions asked in my day, but so far in 2009 this one takes the cake.

Here's a small excerpt from Dave Molinari's recent Q&A at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  Apparently they feel he's a superior voice on the situation who can give his educated input into such riveting user-involved questions.

Q: Should the Penguins trade Sidney Crosby while they can still get top value for him? It is obvious that his skills are diminishing and his turnovers have cost us many games. This team needs a leader with some grit!

Donny Roy, McKeesport

MOLINARI: Absolutely. Even though Crosby has been pretty ordinary for most of the first half -- no doubt leading teams to conclude that, at age 21, his best years are far, far behind him -- you have to believe Ray Shero still might be able to steal a late-round draft choice for him from some club. Well, a conditional one, anyway. If he acts quickly, that is.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Wow, so the guy goes through a little slump (whereby he's still ranked third in the league in scoring) and suddenly he's trade bait?  I'd hate to see what your reaction is when your significant other says, "Sorry, I have a headache."

And for a late-round draft choice no less?  Come on.  This is just ridiculous.

I read this and prayed it was sarcasm.  Both the question and the response.

Please...please...tell me you're kidding and I'll put this ALL behind me.

If not, here's my suggestion: Marc-Andre Fleury has given up a ton of goals lately, Sidney Crosby is playing like crap and Petr Sykora is just 'meh.'  I say we trade all three of them heads up for a box of band-aids (for the rash of injuries), a drum of ice for injuries (afterwards can be melted down for water - double value!) and a dozen game-used sticks (they're more 'broken in').

I don't even know what else to say...