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Rangers 4, Penguins 0: Penguins drop fifth straight as tension builds

It's bad enough the Penguins skated into this game having not won a single game in all of 2009 - but a shutout - well, that just stings even more.

One minute into this game said it all - goal, Rangers.

Not much has changed since the team held their players-only meeting.  The power play is still coming up short (0-for-8 tonight, including two 5-on-3), the offense can't generate anything (see also: the goose egg) and Michel Therrien is starting to show signs of frustration with each and every goal that whizzes past a defenseless Fleury and/or Sabourin..

Yes, not much has changed. 

But if you look beyond the surface it's an entirely different story.  There's a tension, a frustration, a pensive attitude that asks, "what's next?"

Could the Thrashers game pose as Michel Therrien's last stand?  Is Ray Shero at his wits' end, looking for a replacement/promotion/resolution to the team's current dilemma?  Sad to say, but this is all a wait-and-see game.

Let's talk offense.  The Penguins have scored eight goals over the last give games.  That's just a little over 1.5 goals per game.  Definition: miserable.

The chances were there tonight against the Rangers but Henrik Lundqvist wasn't having any of it.  He was solid as can be between the pipes.

Godard dropped the mitts on principle alone.  There was no way to rally the team at that point and it definitely wasn't going to keep Orr off Malkin and Crosby, but at least we can walk away from this one knowing Orr will think twice about punching a helmet next time.

And what of that final Rangers power play? Slick move by head coach Tom Renney. Hey Tom, if you're trying to make a statement by sending out your top power play with under a minute remaining in a 4-0 lead you just did - you're a complete idiot.

The good: At least they generated chances...right?

The bad: That first goal was demoralizing

The ugly: Penguins power play went 0-for-8

The ugliest: Tom Renney's classless display.  That'll come back to haunt you.  Ask the Flyers.

Next game: Tuesday.  Thrashers.  7:00.