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Tales of the Tape: New York Rangers 1/5/09, Eric Godard vs. Colton Orr

When things are going badly, it seems like nothing will be able to turn things around for the Pens, and last night's fight between Eric Godard and Colton Orr at the end of the game didn't help. Despite popular belief, there is a method to the madness of fighting in hockey, but this one just didn't make sense to me. But you know what? I'm not here to question why, so let's take a look at the fight.

You may notice that Godard gets his head punched. A lot. You might also notice that during the course of the thing, Orr never manages (or even really tries) to get his opponent's helmet off. Hockey helmets, by design, are not soft. That's usually why guys pull the helmets off early in a fight. Orr doesn't apparently feel this need, as he continues to wail on Godard's helmet and appears to hurt his hand in the process. And good for him, I say. For everyone who has ever punched something hard in rage and immediately regretted it as their hand began to swell, I say well done, Mr. Orr.

Anyway, the fight was what it was. Orr punching, Godard not really managing to come back and an exhausted fall to the ground after Godard finally gets some heavy shots in to the back of the head. As for a grade? Orr threw more punches, but all of them to Godard's helmet. Godard got some heavy shots in to Orr's head at the end, and the takedown looked to be in Orr's favor. I suppose I'd lean towards Orr on this one, but I'll bow to the will of the Pensburgh crowd.