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Tales of the Tape: Atlanta Thrashers 1/6/09, Ruslan Fedotenko vs. Colby Armstrong

Being as this is a site for the Penguins, I customarily put the Penguins' rep in a fight first in the headline as well as the poll. I have to say that it felt a little odd typing "vs. Colby Armstrong." Not a big one, but check it out anyway.

It started off normally, with Fedotenko missing with the left hand, but as Colby moved in, Fedotenko got a hold of his right arm and jacked him in the face with his own right, sending him down to the ice. Watch that a couple times - it's pretty sick. Colby quickly regained his composure, and as Fedotenko came down on him (obviously not expecting him to go down) Colby turned around and hit him on the ice while the linesmen got in between them (uncool). The fight is clearly a Fedotenko win - I cannot fathom anyone giving this one to Armstrong.

Apparently, Fedotenko left the ice afterwards, so check the game recap out for that.