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Penguins give up five unanswered goals in 5-3 loss to Predators

Predators blog The ForeChecker will probably talk about how great this game was.  Go there if you want to subject yourself to such banter.

This was by far the worst game of the season.  No doubt about it.

Give any other team in the NHL a three goal lead and there's a good chance they'll walk away with the win. 

Give the Pittsburgh Penguins a three goal lead and watch it dissipate faster than the city's confidence in Michel Therrien.

How does a team like the Penguins give up five unanswered goals?  That's the question we're looking to answer here.  And frankly, there's no specific reason that I can find, so let's hit up a few.

Maybe it has something to do with shots on goal.  But even that hardly makes any sense.  The Penguins posted five shots in the first period, followed by five more in the second.  By the time 10 full shots were fired on Nashville the Penguins had three goals on the board.

So why did they remain scoreless on 15 third period shots? 

Yeah I know.  The Preds pulled Dan Ellis and replaced him with Pecca Rinne.  But that's not why the Pens couldn't capitalize.

Close but not close enough, that's why.  Pucks trickled across the crease, missed the tape on a pass and soared out of the zone when Pitt had the man advantage (0-for-3 by the way).  Not to mention, when the Penguins really needed to dig in and fight for the win it was already too late.  Their confidence was beyond shattered.

There was some hope in the second period when the Pens were up 3-1 and on the power play.  But even that found a way of working against them, giving up their eighth shorthanded goal of the season.

All this game did was provide more fuel for the fire in all of those Michel Therrien talks.  And why shouldn't it?  He has to finish up this road trip strong.  And by strong I mean two straight wins over Colorado and Philly.

We're slipping into some dark days my friends.  I refuse to acknowledge a Stanley Cup hangover, but this team needs a serious wake-up call.  Does this mean a shift in coaching?  Who knows.  What else is there to lose at this point but more games?

The good: Those three goals were pretty nice

The bad: Shots on goal.  Think the Pens can work on that a bit?  Please?

The ugly: Collaaaaaaapse

The ugliest: Five unanswered.  Yeah...

Next game: Saturday.  Avalanche.  3pm.  Join us for the thread.  Please.  I can't be alone right now.  Bad things will happen, I just knows it.