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SBN Power Rankings - Penguins 3rd in league, 1st in East

Last year at this time I think the SBN Network had maybe 10 NHL blogs at the most.  This season, with the league more or less entirely represented, SBN is unveiling a new feature known as the SBN Power Rankings.  Each week the managers of each team site on SBN will rank each team's performance.  From there the numbers will be averaged out and we'll get an idea of which team, according to the bloggers, is tearing it up.

Believe it or not the list is pretty unbiased.  How do I know this?  Considering how many people may hate or envy the Penguins, they more or less fell where you'd expect them to go.  

This feature will also give an all-in-one place for every blog to interact.  As you may already know, you can head over to another blog with your Pensburgh username.  Now thanks to the new, there is a central location for the rankings where everyone can chip in and add their two cents.

So check it out and keep an eye open all season long.