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Friday links: Season opener hype and tonight's lineup

At last it's here.  After an endless summer of parades, pep rallies, victory dances and Stanley Cup appearances, the Penguins can finally get set on defending this title once and for all.

  • Good news for those with the NHL Network who may not have their Center Ice package yet.  Tonight's game will be aired nationally on the NHLN.  Personally I think this is fitting, since it is in celebration of Pittsburgh's banner raising.  Perhaps this is the NHL's attempt at mimicking the NFL's Thursday night opener with Super Bowl champs.  [Empty Netters]
  • Which brings us to tonight's lineup.  Notice anything about these first three lines?  Yeah, it hasn't changed much.  I guess it isn't until you finally see the roster broken down after camp and preseason that you realize this is still more or less the same exact Stanley Cup-winning team.  [Faceoff Factor]
  • PG gives Max Talbot some love with a superstar feature.  [Post-Gazette]
  • Jordan Staal admits he once felt like a robot out on the ice but is now more comfortable with his game.  He'll probably still look like one when he's skating though.  [Trib-Review]
  • On this day where we anxiously await the home opener, we must also say good-bye to Hockey, Football and Stiletto Shoes.  Lori has decided to hang em up after entertaining the masses with her MS Paint pictures, fart jokes and fan fiction.  I'll miss the humorous installments that distracted me from life.  [HFSS]
  • The boys over at Puck Daddy released their Stanley Cup predictions.  Dobber knows what's up.  Sean Leahy gets a pass (because you know those classy Yahoo commenters would've given him hell for picking Pittsburgh anyway), but at least he kept close to the color scheme.  The other ones?  Psh.  [Puck Daddy]