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Sean Avery will sit out tonight in Penguins opener

For those of you hoping to see Sean Avery get smacked around on Mellon Arena ice tonight, looks like you'll have to wait for the next time the Pens host the Rangers.  According to Steve Zipay over at Newsday:

Sean Avery (knee) will make the trip but not play against the Penguins, head coach John Tortorella said, and defenseman Alexei Semenov may not do either.

I can live with that, although I still don't really take notice if he's on the ice or not whenever the Rangers play Pittsburgh.  The Alexei Semenov situation is another story all together, but basically it comes down to a contract dispute that may very likely fall through.

No Avery to hate on tonight friends, but rest assured Donald Brashear and Eric Godard may dance at some point.