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Pen Pals: Talbot's blog, best bargains, in-team fighting and more!

Translation of Max Talbot's French blog where he discusses returning to practice, his pal Marc-Andre Fleury and Sergei Gonchar's injury [PSAMP]

Put Crosby on defense on the power-play while Gonchar's out?  Personally, I'm not a fan.  Crosby's style is to play down low and score from 3 feet away more than 23 feet away.  But it is an interesting idea. [Faceoff Factor]

Finally on the Gonchar front, Rob Rossi posts a transcript with an interview he had with Sarge. [Trib Review blog]

One Penguin makes it on the "Top 10 Bargains list" and surprisingly his name isn't Tyler Kennedy ($725,000 cap hit)  [The Hockey News]

Take a survey for the Penguins and enter for a chance to win an autographed Jordan Staal jersey if you so choose. []

Goalies are getting bigger and bigger. [From the Rink]

A look at French-Canadians in the NHL, pretty cool for a team that employs Messrs. Fleury, Talbot, Dupuis and Letang. [Behind the Net]

Ilya Kovalchuk could be the NHL's second "$100 million dollar man" if he re-signs in Atlanta. [CBC - Friedman]

John Buccigross says that Pavel Datsyuk (31 years old) and Henrik Zetterberg (29 years old) are no longer at their peaks. [ESPN]

As you'd expect, didn't take long for Detroit media to snap back "bull" [Mlive]

Scott Gomez and Sergei Kostitsyn reportedly got in a physical altercation at Gomez's house after a "night on the town" with several teammates.  Little Tits was later demoted to the AHL and now has gone AWOL after not being traded or recalled to the NHL.  Big Tits remains in the same lockeroom with Gomez.  Aaaawkward. [TSN]

This year's class of top rookies -- once feared maybe to not have much high-end talent, is shaping up for a tough Calder race since guys like the Rangers' Michael Del Zotto and Buffalo's Tyler Myers have been great. [Puck Daddy]