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Link hits: Busy weekend for off-ice officiating, Pens PP needs to improve, praise for Matt Cooke

Tough decisions this past weekend for a lot of the NHL's off-ice officiating crew.  And by that I mean, judging what is a legal or illegal hit and handing down the proper fine/punishment.

  • Following Thursday's Atlanta/Washington game, Alex Ovechkin was slapped with a $2,500 fine for his slew-foot on Rich Peverly.  As someone watching the game, I can honestly say it didn't look like it was intentional, and I think the league at least took notice to that.  Either way, Ovie was fined and Caps fans weren't too excited about it.  [Washington Post]
  • You've already probably seen the David Booth/Mike Richards hit that I posted up yesterday afternoon, but on Friday night Colorado's Darcy Tucker and Carolina's Tuomo Ruutu got into a bit of a situation too.  Ruutu delivered a hit to Tucker (video) that sent him headfirst into the boards.  It didn't end well.  Tucker is out for quite some time and Ruutu will lose $59,000 and sit out for three games.  I've heard someone say Tucker may be out for the season, but I couldn't find anything to confirm that.  [CBC]
  • 9-2 is a nice record to have after 11 games, but even those two losses look like daggers in the back for Pittsburgh's Mike Yao.  Dan Bylsma wants improvement on the power play.  [Trib-Review]
  • All hail Matt Cooke, destroyer of worlds.  [Post-Gazette]

SBN power rankings land later today.  I can only imagine a regulation loss to the Devils will have them dropping a spot or two.  Regardless, I'll have it linked up later.