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Eric Godard wants to be a Care Bear, 3 forwards miss practice

Anytime a Penguin player puts a costume sized head on, you can expect it to be posted here.  Not enough credit can be given to for what you're about to see after the jump.

Plus, three forwards miss practice: cause for concern?


 Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

The above is Eric Godard, who took the ice in a Care Bear head at this morning's practice.  Hey, when you're Eric Godard unless there's a heavy bag in the corner of the rink, what good is practice anyways?  Halloween is right around the corner, why not have a little fun every once in a while?  Godard won the "player's player" award voted on by his teammates last season, and little gimmicks like this are the reason why.  Hey, it's just a game, right?

In perhaps a more serious note, Tyler Kennedy and fan whipping boys Pascal Dupuis and Chris Kunitz all missed practice.  There is no notice yet if this could have been injury related or maybe a personal issue or a "maintenance day".  More on that when it breaks, but if more than one of those guys are too dinged up for Wednesday's game, a call-up will have to be made.