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Marc-Andre Fleury mentions the Pens' strong start, Sergei Gonchar's injury and Max Talbot's return

During the offseason we were all grateful enough to see some of the finer blog posts and comments tossed out on the Internets by both Max Talbot and Marc-Andre Fleury.  The obstacle of course was in the context entirely, seeing as how both MAF and Max chose to write entirely in French.  You could of course use Google Translator to decipher who's saying what, but a lot can be lost (sarcasm, jokes, etc.) in these translations.  The English versions posted up here are done word for word instead of through a search engine thanks to the translating efforts of Becky, an avid reader here on Pensburgh.  Becky dropped me a line earlier today to let me know a new MAF post was up.  Take the jump to see what Fleury has to say.

No signs of slowing down

Hello to all!
Before the beginning of the season, Penguin management warned us about the famous Stanley Cup hangover.  In order to avoid a slow start to the season, we had several team meetings and we knew what to expect.  After 11 games, I can tell you that the hangover has not yet struck.
We were hoping to experience a strong start and up until now everything’s going perfectly with a record of 9-2.  I really like what I see in our team, the guys are getting involved and the desire to win is just as strong.
The success of the team doesn’t rest on the shoulders of Crosby and Malkin alone.  The important goals are coming from just about everybody, not just the two star forwards.  Our attack is also nicely balanced.  Sidney is back at center of the first line with Chris Kunitz and Bill Guerin, while Evgeni plays alongside Ruslan Fedotenko and Pascal Dupuis.
Jordan Staal rounds out the third line with Tyler Kennedy and Matt Cooke.  Our last trio of forwards gives us lots of energy with the presence of Craig Adams, Mike Rupp, and Eric Godard or Chris Bourque, son of Raymond Bourque.
Gonchar in the infirmary
Once again this year, Sergei Gonchar has had a bad break.  He sustained a wrist fracture which will force him to sit out for a period of four to six weeks.  This is a big loss for our team.  A little like Andrei Markov with the Canadiens, you can’t easily replace a defenseman of Gonchar’s caliber.
Happily for us, we can rely on two very good young defensemen in Kristopher Letang and Alex Goligoski.  They will have to play an important role in the absence of Gonchar, particularly on the power play.  Goligoski has had a fast start with 9 points (3 goals, 6 assists) in 11 games.  If some people are surprised by his performance, it’s just the opposite for me.  I’ve seen him in practice for the last two years and I know his potential.  Now in his second year in Pittsburgh, Goligoski is less nervous and that shows in his game.
Talbot progresses
Following shoulder surgery this summer, Maxime Talbot should be back to play at the end of November.  I really can’t wait for Max’s return.  With him, we will be an even more dangerous team.
À bientôt,
Marc-André Fleury

I just want to say thanks again to Becky and her efforts in translating these blogs.  Always great to see what these guys have to say and I really look forward to more installments down the road.