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Tales of the Tape: New York Rangers 10/2/09, Eric Godard vs. Donald Brashear

Welcome to the first edition of Tales of the Tape for the 09-10 season! For those of you just joining us, Tales of the Tape pops up whenever a Penguin decides to drop the gloves and go at it with an opposing player. I provide a video of the fight, give some analysis then declare a winner. After doing so, I put up a poll to see whether the Pensburgh community agrees with me. This is the third season for it, and Frank and Hooks have yet to kick me out. So let's get to it!

When Donald Brashear moved into the Atlantic Division, it was pretty much a given that he and Eric Godard would be trading blows. The two wasted little time, dropping the gloves at 11:55 in the first period.

The fight didn't start well for Godard, as Brashear moved in quickly and connected with some quick shots to the head, then pulled Godard in by the jersey to keep him off balance. Godard managed to stay on his skates, and after a bit of hugging grappling, Godard finally started connecting with shots of his own. From that point, it was all Godard. He knocked Brashear's helmet off and got an uppercut that seemed to graze Brashear's forehead. After a little more grappling, the two seemed to agree to end hostilities and headed to the box. Godard got the cheers of the crowd, and Brahsear got to dabble the trickle of blood off his forehead. Yes, I used both 'dabble' and 'trickle' within two words of each other.

What a fight to start the season off with! This is an example of two guys paid for their fighting skills, doing what they do best. Of course, we won't be seeing many fights like this (hugging majors are no laughing matter), so enjoy it while you've got it. Godard got hit hard at the beginning, but with his shots that took off the helmet and drew blood, this one goes to Godard. Good start for him.