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Sunday evening thoughts..

Some random thoughts about the Penguins and the league so far in the early season...Feel free to comment on anything you're thinking...


--Two games, two "First Star of the Game" awards for Sidney Crosby. Enough said.

--Not to be a part of the "Pascal Dupuis sux" crowd but he is not meshing on the second line. At all.

--Crosby's taken 46 of the team's 121 faceoffs, winning 65.2% of them. Crosby's improved his faceoff numbers every year and is off to a great start.

--This stat is a little skewed (thanks to covering for Jay McKee's misconduct penalty) but Sergei Gonchar has played an average of 25:57 in the first two games, good for 5th in the league in the very young season.

--The 2-0 teams in the East are pretty close to exactly who you'd think they'd be a week ago: Pittsburgh, Washington, Philadelphia and Montreal.

--The biggest surprise in the East, to this point, may be Carolina stumbling out of the gate. Besides being 0-2, they've only scored 2 goals and have allowed 9. They know these ones are counting, right?

--John Tavares looked good last night and he's already showing good chemistry with Kyle Okposo. It'll be interesting to see how Tavares plays out in the NHL when, for the first time, he's not always going to be the #1 player out on the ice at times.

--For an old building, the Nassau Coliseum sure is a nice place to check a game. At least with the atmosphere last night, very lively crowd. But then at least 2 fights broke out in the upper decks and I can tell you first hand another very nearly happened. Can't hockey fans enjoy a game amongst each other, especially in October? I guess Jamie Foxx had it right, blame it on the alcohol.

--When's the last time (if ever) that Detroit was in clear 5th place in the Central division? As Penguin fans know, the European games have a very weird feel -- almost as if they should be exhibitions -- so of course we shouldn't put too much stock in these results, it's just odd to see the Red Wings at the bottom of the standings.

--Early season bizzaro stat: Goalie A: 2-0, .973 save percentage, 1.00 GAA, 1 shutout. Goalie B: 0-2, .857 save %, 3.53 GAA....Goalie A is Craig Anderson, Goalie B is Roberto Luongo.

--Early season bizzaro stat part II: Matt Cooke is on pace for 328 shots on goal (and a 0% shooting percentage). Cooke's career high is 133 shots.