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Gameday afternoon links: Two ex-Caps playing tonight? Women's hockey fight! The curse of blue! And more!

As you can see one post below, tonight's going to be Brent Johnson's official debut with the Penguins...Head coach Dan Bylsma hints that tonight could be a chance for youngster (and fellow ex-Capital) Chris Bourque to get in the lineup as well. []

A look at the Coyotes, including a link to a story ft. old buddy Paul Bissonnette, who's looking forward to his Pittsburgh return.  [Empty Netters]

Did you notice that Sidney Crosby made sure to grab the puck he scored the shootout clinching goal with?  Many people thought it had some sort of personal significance for him to want it.  But, as usual, Cap Crosby is looking out for team wins, not gaudy individual achievements.  [Penguins' twitter pic]

Thanks to a Super Bowl trophy, the Stanley Cup and a baseball team that barely avoided 100 loses, Pittsburgh is the sports city of the year.  Thanks, Pirates!  []

The NHL Network has a 30 minute special on Crosby's day with the Stanley Cup (with special, scene-stealing guest Maxime Talbot!).  It's a good piece.  I love how generous and friendly some of the younger Penguins (specifically Crosby and Jordan Staal) are in children's hospitals, those moments are special, so check it out.  []

Check the fanshots for some good stuff, like joining a last-minte fantasy pool, a ton of great videos and a very interesting debate about what if Crosby got traded (in lieu of the ESPN piece on Wayne Gretzky).  Sure it'll never happen, but it's good debate points.  [Pensburgh Crosby trade debate]

Jay McKee was Rob Scuderi before Rob Scuderi was Rob Scuderi.  (Ya follow?) [Faceoff Factor]

Penguins cused while they wear the blue jerseys?  We don't think so, it looked like the Penguins' effort last season didn't seem too high when they wore blue.  Related: Michel Therrien was the coach for 7 of the 10 times last season that the Pens wore blue.  [The Pensblog]

For the ladiez: a look at the NHL catalog, and the models in it [Socal Black 'n Gold]

Sticking with the fairer sex, did everyone see this women's hockey fight between Canada and the USA?  [Puck Daddy]

Is this the record?  Less than a week into the season and they're already calling Ron Wilson's firing in Toronto []

Fresh from vacation, James Mirtle wonders just where Jim Ballsillie stands now with the NHL, and whether or not Canada is any closer to a 7th team.  [From the Rink]