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Let's take a look at the Philadelphia Flyers

Alas, here we are at the much-anticipated first meeting of the season between the Penguins and Flyers.  It's not like these two teams really need an introduction.

So far the Flyers are off to a good start.  They're 3-0 over three games with Ray Emery in net playing a pretty flawless game (minus the recent 6-5 OT win against the Caps).  Even still, that game lacked defense on both sides and the refs were calling a ticky-tacky game much like the Phoenix debacle we witnessed last night.

Mike RichardsJeff CarterSimon Gagne.  You know these guys.  You've seen them for the past three seasons in both regular season and postseason play.  Chris Pronger, formerly of the West Conference, may be a different story.  Let's see how he matches up against Sid and Malkin tonight.  After all, that's what he was brought into Philly for.

You won't see the following: Blair Betts, who recently signed on with Philly, is out at least a month with a seperated shoulder.  Rookie wonderkid James van Riemsdyk will also sit out tonight after suffering a concussion against the Caps.  Given the early stages of his career it's only natural that the team its time bringing him back to the ice.  Concussions and Philly sorta have a history

Keep an eye on the enforcers.  It's no secret that Eric Godard and Riley Cote have a history.  Maybe Mike Rupp will throw down the mitts at some point too.  Alls I knows is Philly's Ian Laperriere likes to mix it up too.  Should be a fun one.

But what Philly/Pittsburgh matchup isn't?

Predictions/thoughts/concerns?  Toss em in the comments.