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Tales of the Tape: Philadelphia Flyers 10/8/09, Craig Adams vs. Ian Laperriere

When the Penguins and the Flyers meet up, it's not a matter of if a fight will break out, it's a matter of when. It wasn't one of the usual suspects, least not on the Penguins side. Rather than Eric Godard, it was Craig Adams going at it with Philadelphia's resident goon (or at least one of them) Ian Laperriere.

This one broke just over a minute into the game right out of a faceoff. Lappy connected several times with Adams' helmet, but Adams came back with a punch that didn't exactly connect, but helped get Lapperriere's helmet off. That's as far as it got, though, because as Lapperriere shifted his weight, Adams pushed him down to the ice. Very quick, and not much to look at.

This won't be the last time you see a Penguin fight a Flyer this season, and chances are Lapperriere will be involved again. Adams isn't known for his fighting (he only had two fights last season, both before he came to the Penguins), but you'll definitely see one of the Penguins pound on a Flyer again.

As for this one? Since neither player really got any kind of an advantage and it ended so quickly, I'm calling it a draw. Hopefully we'll see something better when the Penguins meet the Maple Leafs tomorrow. After all, we get to see our old buddy Colton Orr again, and we all know what happens when he's involved.

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