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Late-Day links: Checking in on Hartnell, some love for Pittsburgh, Kovalchuk picks up #300

  • Still no official word on this whole Scottie "Hannibal Lector" Hartnell situation.  I figured the 10am hearing would've brought some sort of decision by lunch time but I guess I thought wrong.  Given the lack of concrete evidence and the possibility that Kris Letang fish hooked Hartnell in the fight, this may take a while to resolve.  Either that or the league has decided to make nothing of it.  In either case, Phil Bourque had something to say about it on NHL Live today.  [Steel City Sports Fan]
  • It's always nice to see Pittsburgh getting some love from the press.  That was exactly the case in the recent Sporting News issue where Pittsburgh was ranked the best sports city (Philly finished second, a position they might be familiar with).  However the one thing I like more than just seeing the collective media showing some love for the city is when a particular writer or staff member of another, perhaps rival team, shows the same appreciation.  Jim Cerny, beat writer for the Rangers, voices his praise.  [Rink Rap]
  • According to CBC, Vesa Toskala is learning his position all over again.  This of course means that he will play lights-out hockey tomorrow night against the Penguins.  That would only be fitting... [CBC]
  • Ilya Kovalchuk picked up his 300th career goal last night in a win over the Blues.  For all the animonisty he may have shown in the past toward Crosby (remember the penalty box wave situation?) the dude is still diesel.  [NHL Snipers]
  • This day in hockey history, brought to you by The Program.  Today's piece just happens to be centered around a 1983 game between the Penguins and Flyers where Bill Barber scored his 400th goal.  In more recent news, the Penguins beat the Flyers last night.  [The Program]
  • And on a more disgusting note, the ESPN "body" issue just showed up in my mailbox.  I feel sorry for my unsuspecting friend who will soon have a seductive picture of Zdeno Chara hanging up in his apartment when I visit on Saturday for the Leafs game.