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The city of Pittsburgh has it's own cereal, and only one man can rock the Penguins cover

City_of_champions_cereal_medium Who did you expect, Janne Pesonen?  That's right folks, the city of Pittsburgh is taking a page out of the Buffalo Bills' book in marketing a cereal.  You've heard of Flutie Flakes (maybe), you've heard of the more recent addition Terrell Oats (perhaps), now feast your eyes on Pittsburgh's own brand of cereal, City of Champions.

To me this was just too funny not to share.  Plus I was looking for any reason to temporarily distract our collective attention away from the injuries mounting up in the Pittsburgh camp, so this will do for now.

I consider myself an avid collector of random pieces of Penguins merchandise.  This includes, but is not limited to, the Mario Bun, Jaromir Jagr's peanut butter and a Clark bar that congratulates the Penguins for their back-to-back Cup wins in the early 90s.  Don't get me wrong, I also have a few solid pieces like a Jagr auto'd plaque and a few Mario Starting Lineups, but I try to vary it up as much as possible.  A surprised "What the hell?" when someone checks out the collection is almost certain.

If you're looking to add a box to your collection then you can pick one up at So far it's only available online, but later this month it will also hit the shelves in Giant eagle stores.  There is also a contest out there offering up a chance for two fans to meet up with Max Talbot and Hines Ward, fittingly featured on the Steelers' version of the cereal.  Check out the details here, because you know adding an autographed box of cereal to your memorabilia collection is just about as unique as it can get. 

The fat man in me is curious to know what this tastes like, but the collector in me will not so much as crack the lining on the box.