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Let's take a look at the Boston Bruins...again

[SBN Bruins blog: Stanley Cup of Chowder]

Four days ago the Pens and Bruins met up in Boston for what turned out to be Pittsburgh's second consecutive shutout.  Of course the shutout was against them, not for them, and simultaneously extended Pittsburgh's scoreless streak to seven periods.  As you may know, that thankfully came to an end Thursday against the Devils, but the end result leaves Pittsburgh in the grips of a four-game losing streak.

But alas, Evgeni Malkin is labeled a game-time decision in this one.  Even if he doesn't play (which, personally, I feel will not be the case) we can at least all breathe a sigh of relief knowing he's due back by the next game for sure.

Boston, similar to Pittsburgh, played only one game since the 3-0 shutout win over the Pens earlier in the week.  In that ironic twist that seems to exist more in hockey than any other sport (this can't be proven of course, mere speculation), the Florida Panthers blanked the Bruins 1-0 in a shootout win Thursday night.

Now both teams reconvene on Mellon Arena ice for a rematch.  With the exception of Brooks Orpik taking time off for injury, Ben Lovejoy's promotion, Chris Conner's demotion and Geno's return from injury, the Penguins' roster more or less looks the same. 

Boston's David Krejci, who missed some time after contracting the H1N1 flu, is questionable. 

Time to see the Pens make good on this rematch and halt the losing streak at four.  Geno's return should hopefully bring back a punch to the sad looking power play.  If anything, it gives Sid a few more options on the ice out there.