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Chris Kunitz out two weeks with lower-body injury

Just when you thought things were starting to turn in favor of the Penguins, something like this happens.  The Penguins' official site is reporting that Kunitz will miss up to two weeks with a lower-body injury.

According to Dan Bylsma, this really doesn't come as a surprise:

"Chris has been dealing with a lower-body injury he's been dealing with for a while now.  At this point in time we're going to take two weeks off for a rest period to try and get him healthy, get him back to focusing on playing the game and not worrying about how healthy he is when he gets out there.   It's not something that has happened in the last two days. He's been dealing with this for a while and now he'll have a rest period for a bit."

Dan Bylsma

So maybe Kuni was playing injured out there when people were ragging on him for his production.  Maybe he was trying to solider on while other guys like Geno, Kennedy and Gonchar were injured.

At least Malkin is due back today, so in a way it helps trade off a winger for a winger.  But with the recent demotion of Chris Conner, and now Kunitz's absence, who will the other forward be?