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Tales of the Tape: Boston Bruins 11/14/09, Deryk Engelland vs. Byron Bitz

I'm a little behind, so we're going to hit this one fairly quickly. In the nail biter of Pittsburgh's game against the Bruins, it would be quite understandable to have forgotten that a fight broke out in the 1st period between Deryk Engelland and Byron Bitz - so let's look back.

This wasn't much to write home about, really. The two got a nice hold of each other's arms, with Engelland keeping Bitz from getting either arm up to swing. Engelland took a couple awkward shots at Bitz's back, then got a hold of Bitz's side and delivered some head shots while Bitz slid down to the ice. There's no way I could count this for Bitz, so Engelland gets the win.

Looking at their numbers, Engelland had the experience factor over Bitz. Engelland had 13 fights last season for the Baby Pens, while Bitz had 2 for Boston and 6 for Providence.

Next up is the Ducks, who surprisingly enough have one less fight thus far than the Penguins. No doubt that will be rectified before too long.

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