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Tales of the Tape: Ottawa Senators, Eric Godard vs. Chris Neil

There's not much good to say about the Pen's game last night, but I'll do my best to try to raise the sagging spirits of the Pensburgh crowd. Would watching Eric Godard pound on Chris Neil make you feel better? Dry those eyes and take a look.

The fight started with Neil doing the increasingly popular move of grabbing the jersey and jabbing with the same hand, but Godard quickly got Neil's hand away from his face and came out swinging. Neil was switching hands, swinging with whatever he could get free, but Godard stayed dedicated to his right hand, and his right hand stayed dedicated to Neil's face. After blows back and forth with both players stopped and looked as if they were going to await the linesmen. Then Neil took the opportunity to take a cheap swing, and Godard answered with a direct shot to the face (or right in the button, if you're listening to the clip). At this point, Neil's face started bleeding, but he kept at it. The energy was sapped, though, and shortly the linesmen broke the two up.

What a bout from Godard. Neil came out with some quick jabs, but Godard just pounded his face over and over again. This is a solid win for Godard - just look at the blows he connected! By the end of the bout, Neil's left cheek was swollen and bloody, but that can be expected when one gets repeatedly punched in the face. Definitely a good fight - I just wish it had come in a better game.

Next up is Atlanta, who thus far have 9 fights this season (coincidentally, the same number Chris Neil has) - five of which coming from Eric Boulton. You may recall a memorable bout last season in which Ruslan Fedotenko broke his hand on Colby Armstrong's face. Let's hope any fights that we may see have similar results without the unfortunate effects.

(Thanks to GhostWalker40 for the video!)