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Brooks Orpik expects to play against Thrashers, Nate Guenin sent down

Scratch another one off the shelf (or in the case of Pens Universe, remove a picture from the mantle).  Brooks Orpik is expected to play against the Atlanta Thrashers, which I'm sure will send Hooks into a gitty fit as he takes this one in at Philips Arena.

As a result of Orpik's return, defenseman Nate Guenin was sent back down to WBS.  Guenin played in two games for the Pens and picked up zero points, finishing only with a -2 rating.

For a team that has a lot of decisions to make on the blue line after this season, I have to say it's at least a benefit to see some of these younger guys filling in during this bout of injuries.  Many of us can't catch WBS games anywhere, so to see them on the ice, no matter how short the stint may be, gives a decent reference point outside of just some preseason play.