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Tales of the Tape: Michael Rupp vs. Bryan Allen

You may call me lazy, but Hooks did a good job with the setup for this fight, so I'm just going to quote him.

Geno was unceremoniously dumped to the ice after the whistle by Bryan Allen. You can't have that, good to see Rupp standing up for a star and fighting Allen.

So with that, (Noted Goal Scorer) Michael Rupp and Bryan Allen.

I could describe this fight blow for blow, but really, all you need to know is that after some exchanged shots, Allen tried to skate away and Rupp took the opportunity to punch him in the back of the head. The shot sent Allen's head into the glass, knocking his helmet off. Go ahead and watch it again. You know you want to.

The board shot gives the win to Rupp. How about that?

Next up is Montreal, where our old friend Big Georges Laraque skates. If he does end up fighting with a Penguin, I hope it doesn't turn into the crapfest we got last season against Eric Godard. I'm still bitter about that one.