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New Max Talbot blog: On acting (commercials), his return and Guillaume Latendresse

What better day to share a new Max Talbot blog translation than on the day following his first goal of the season?  Mr. Superstar chipped in and his did his part last night against the Rangers to not only widen the gap in the blowout but also notch his first G since Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. 

In today's translation, Max discusses the making of the third A&L Motor commercial, his return to the lineup, playing against the Montreal Canadiens and Guillaume Latendresse.  As always, thanks to Pensburgh reader Becky for passing along the translation of Max Talbot's blog.  I've said it in the past but I will keep saying it for as long as these translations are making the page - Becky offers up the most accurate of translations because she dismisses Google Translator and does the work herself, word for word.  That's dedication.



Before turning to our victory against the Canadiens, I wanted to announce that the third edition in my lighthearted automobile commercials is now available on YouTube.


So that you can give your own verdict, here are the links for watching the three ads:


The third commercial.

The second commercial.

The first commercial.


Obviously, I decided to do these ads for the fun of it, and there’s no question of taking it seriously.  Once again, we had a lot of fun during the filming.  I’ve got to mention that the girl who tries to pass herself off as me is a radio personality (Tall Cathy) in Pittsburgh.  In fact, she’s a good friend of mine and we had lots of laughs together.


Unfortunately, this version can be seen only on the Internet because the automobile dealer hadn’t requested permission from the Penguins to use the team’s jerseys.  So we will have to come up with another idea.


If I had to grade these ads on a scale of 1 to 10, I would probably opt for grades of 2 or 3 being generous (haha).  I confess, though, that the last commercial involved a more elaborate script.


I will continue to make these commercials, because lots of people find them funny and everyone takes it with a grain of salt.  I often hear people talking about these little "masterpieces" and my nickname has even become "Superstar," instead of Max, because of the ads.


I’d also like to announce the scoop that I had the pleasure this week of filming a new commercial with Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward for the City of Champions Crunch brand of cereal.  But I warn you right now not to expect a work of art.   Again, it will be in the same style.  After all, you cannot perform miracles our quality of acting and a limited budget!


A satisfying return


The day after beating the Canadiens, we were able to take advantage of Thanksgiving to get together as a team at Bill Guerin’s house [on Long Island] and watch the traditional NFL games.


Before our match against the Canadiens Wednesday, I said in an interview that I’d felt like a truck had run me over the day after I returned to playing.  Actually, I had the same feeling after four games (ha ha)…


It is not easy to get back into action after 21 games without having taken part in training camp.  Despite all the practices, the reality is completely different when a player like Chris Neil tries to flatten you at top speed.  However, I’m delighted that things are getting better.  Moreover, I have the chance to play on the first line with Sidney Crosby and Guerin.  I just have to get back the chemistry and execution.


I took advantage of the game against the Canadiens to earn my first point of the season, but I’m not really worried about my offensive production.  It’s simple: you’re sure to gain points playing with Sidney and Bill.  Overall, I’m satisfied with my first four games and I know that even if I commit some small errors, I will be back on the ice, and that’s good for my confidence.


For the moment, I have no idea if I will remain on the first line, especially since our injured players will be returning soon.  It all depends on performance in our games and the chemistry of our unit.  In any case, my role on the ice shouldn’t change.


The motivation to play against the Canadiens


Most fans have the impression that Sidney is especially motivated when he goes up against the Canadiens, and I can’t contradict that.  I think that it’s true; it’s not a coincidence that he often has excellent performances against them.  In fact, there are several players on our team who really enjoy playing the Canadiens, and we are ready to give our all from the drop of the puck.


Speaking of the Canadiens, Jacques Martin’s team is going through an awful period with lots of injuries, but that can only get better.  I read that Andrei Markov could be coming back sooner than expected.  Missing him, Scott Gomez, and Brian Gionta, it obviously shows up on the ice.


We were aware that the Canadiens would not be presenting their regular lineup in Pittsburgh, but there was no question of taking an adversary lightly.  We knew that Montreal had won three of their previous four games in spite of all the injuries.


Good luck to Guillaume Latendresse


I am among those who think that this trade will help Guillaume Latendresse.  He has always been to handle the pressure of being always in the spotlight.  I remember his beginnings in the NHL, and it’s never been easy for him. 


This change of scenery should do him good.  It’s a new start for Guillaume, who is an excellent player.  I want to wish him the best of luck.  I was sorry to see him leave Montreal, especially since I know him.