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Thursday links: Goligoski back tonight? The Noted One on Crosby's line and shutouts everywhere

First, word on the street is that Alex Goligoski might be back in the lineup tonight...

Be afraid, rest of the NHL, The Noted One is playing on Sidney Crosby's line now. [Post-Gazette]

Marc-Andre Fleury talks about bouncing back from adversity and bad bounces. [National Post]

Pascal Dupuis is a man of many talents. []

Nick Johnson's return to the lineup netted him 2 goals and the Baby Pens defeated Syracuse 6-0 last night. [Citizens Voice]

It's been a low-scoring and shutout filled week. []

Speaking of shutouts, will anyone ever touch Martin Brodeur's 104 shutouts? [From the Rink]

The weather wasn't co-operating in getting the Penguins to Montreal. [Tribune Review]

The Oilers are trying online broadcasts. Given those always searching for internet feeds around Pensburgh, I'd say hopefully the Pens look into this sooner than later. [Puck the Media]

This is a little bizarre: The Habs called up a minor league player named Ryan White, but apparently they didn't go through the correct process in time, so officials made him leave the bench. Now the league is looking into a six-figure fine for Montreal. [TSN]

Jordan Staal's stock is up for Team Canada, but there's still a host of great players playing well in front of him. [CTV] 

John Tavares or Tyler Myers to build a franchise around? [TSN]

Sidney Crosby is #1 in the league in scoring important points. [The Hockey News]

Florida's radio guy Randy Moller is the pop culture Mike Lange, and he's back with more hits. [Puck Daddy]