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Monday afternoon links: New blue jerseys next year, Atlantic shakedown

Update from practice: Kris Letang is sick and Marc-Andre Fleury has a new, blank helmet he's testing. []

The Pens will apparantely have a new 3rd jersey next season.  Supposedly It will still be blue, but not the current scheme. [Icethetics]

Mario Lemieux: youth hockey coach []

Part 1 Puck Daddy's photoshop contest for parades and floats and nary a Sidney Crosby joke in sight? [Puck Daddy]

Atlantic Division update: Philadelphia and the NY Rangers are in a little bit of trouble right now. []

Does Mike Rupp deserve more ice-time?  Molinari could have answered this in a single word (starts with a "D" ends with an uh"). [Post-Gazette]

Even though there's about 50 games to go, is the race with Washington and New Jersey is on for home-ice advantage? [Tribune Review]

Social networking a double edge sword for athletes today. [The Hockey News]

Former GM Jay Feaster gives his two cents on the recent firing of John Stevens. [The Hockey News]

Best wishes to Martin Gerber, who was seriously hurt in Russia suffering fractured vertebra. [TSN]

The mercenary Marian Hossa scored a nice goal. [Puck Daddy]

The Baby Pens lost a game 3-2 yesterday, giving up the game deciding goal with just 0.1 seconds left in regulation.  That one may stick with them for a while. [Citzens Voice]

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