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Links: Crosby/Talbot to be in Jan 1 commercial, a prospect's season is over

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Ron Cook would have rather seen Max Talbot than Eric Godard last night in a little anti-fighting rant.  Yeah, um, because Talbot would never fight a Flyer...[Post-Gazette]

Penguins prospect Keven Veilleux's rookie season is likely done as he's going to have shoulder surgery. [Penguins Insider]

Sidney Crosby talks about his basement and the famous dryer, which has been made into a commercial for the Winter Classic game.  The real story here: Talbot will also be in the commercial.  Expect any different? [USA Today]

About a dozen scouts have been trailing the Flyers lately, are they about to make personnel moves? [Chipped Ice]

Penguins/Flyers named best rivalry of the decade, Crosby/Ovechkin named best individual rivalry. [Sports Illustrated]

I don't know what's going on here, but that's definitely not Mario Lemieux. [PSAMP]

Spector shoots down a lot of rumors, including why you won't see Jack Johnson as a Penguin anytime soon (duh). [Spectors Hockey]

In early voting, 55% of Flyers fans are 0-30% confident in the direction of the Flyers. [Broad Street Hockey]

The shooting gallery in front of Marc-Andre Fleury in the early part of the decade added up to the Penguins' being one of the most out-shot teams of the decade. [Behind the Net]