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Tales of the Tape: Mike Rupp vs. Arron Asham, Part Deux

It was so much fun last time, let's do it again!

With the score tied at 1, noted Flyer-fighter Mike Rupp and Arron Asham dropped the gloves seemingly to get some momentum going for their teams. This fight wasn't overly exciting, as there was no helmet scrambling or face grabbing. The two traded some shots before Rupp went for the rare body blow to no real effect. The two paused for a moment and apparently Rupp decided it was time to end it, going for a headlock. After a couple tries, he pulled Asham's helmet off and forced him down to the ice. No advantage here and not much of a takedown, so this one gets called a draw.

With this fight, Rupp has passed Eric Godard for the most fights on the Penguins with 6. Next up are the Sabres, who have a little over half (14) the fights that the Penguins have (27). Don't look for much here, as they only had one fight against the Penguins last season when Andrew Peters took on Godard. Peters is now with New Jersey.