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Pens links: Rupp for power play? Max's attitude and a whole lot of Crosby love

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Is Mike Rupp the missing piece? (On the powerplay, that is) [Bleacher Report]

Max Talbot has a great attitude []

Max Talbot has a great attitude, part two []

Sidney Crosby is third among NHL centers who've taken 400 faceoffs. []

Crosby: 50 goal scorer this season? []

Seth serving up hits: here's the last time the Pens have won in every city. [Empty Netters]

Pascal Dupuis wants a drawing of him with hands (and a smile) one day. [Post-Gazette]

The Penguins success can be traced back to Ray Shero's decisions. [Tribune Review]

No Pittsburgh player cracks Mirtle's early look at top defensive defensemen -- but given some of the players in there (Mike Weaver, Darryl Sydor) maybe that's not too bad. [From the Rink]

The Penguins have an impressive week, yet drop one spot in the SBN power rankings. What is this, the BCS? [SB Nation]

Stephen Johns, eligible for the 2010 draft, is the latest Western PA product to be considered a very good NHL prospect. []

When it comes to Canada's desire for another team, Gary Bettman says: "we are interested in that interest". Smooth, that Bettman. [Puck Daddy]

Justin Bourne tries to reason with old school coaches. I'd read this, but I don't want a bag skate at a special 6 AM praccy...[USA Today]