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Monday links: Mark Eaton to return soon and trades a-brewin's around the league

First off, thanks to oldtime for making this a fanshot yesterday; a great feature on Marc-Andre Fleury. [Tribune Review]

John Barbaro (the fimiliar voice of the Penguins who's on a leave) took in the game last night.  Good to hear his spirits are still up. [Trib]

It has been quite the eventful decade for the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Playing in Japan, Mario coming back, the Jagr trade, the years of sucking, the lockout, the lottery picks, playing in Sweden, the new building and the Stanley Cup.  Whew.  [Trib]

Mark Eaton could be back as soon as tomorrow night. [Post-Gazette]

Thoughts Pens fans shouldn't tease themselves with: Ilya Kovalchuk in the black-and-gold.  [PG]

But the Thrashers may have to trade Kovalchuk ASAP if they can't re-sign him, as to not repeat their Marian Hossa trade. [The Hockey News]

No Steve McKenna, or Brian Holzinger on Seth's Top 10 Penguins of the decade. [Empty Netters]

A lot of talk heating up about trade possibility between the Washington Capitals and the Columbus Blue Jackets...Washington plays tonight and will scratch prospect d-man Karl Alzner for the first time.  I'd be shocked if they traded him, but do expect the Caps to deal a defenseman (as they have 9 NHL ones) for a forward at some point soon. [Twitter]

Speaking of trades, Halak or Price seem to have the Montreal Canadiens crease too crowded.  One of them might be on the move very soon. [The Hockey News]

The Year in Puck Daddy is up...Which makes me shudder at the thought of how long I spent reading their stuff this year.  [Puck Daddy]

Miikka Kiprusoff gave up a pretty tough goal last night. [Puck Daddy]

A look at building a rink in your own backyard. [TSN]