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Tuesday links: Pens scouts in LA, Guerin in the Olympic hunt, surprising Mario stat

Tyler Kennedy is refocusing; Dan Bylsma hasn't said if he'll be in the lineup tonight. [Tribune Review]

Penguins scout sighting in Los Angeles.  Note to media: does not mean Evgeni Malkin should start packing bags.  [Hockey Buzz]

Rule #1 of being a Mario Lemieux is don't surprise easily; as the big guy is capable of seeming anything.  But who would expect that no NHL forward played more minutes, per game, than Lemieux did from 2000-09.  Maybe he really was in the best shape of his life. [Behind the Net]

The most memorable Penguin goals of the decade part 1 and part 2.  A lot of magic there. [The Pensblog]

Sidney Crosby still #1 in a twisted formula that gives players more credit for scoring important goals. [The Hockey News]

Team USA chief Brian Burke has taken note of Bill Guerin's play and says the vet is "still in the hunt" to make the Olympics.  At this point, I think a couple weeks of rest might be better for the old guy, but maybe the honor of playing for his country would keep him in the groove. [Tribune Review]

The Baby Pens may have found the offense they've been so searching for: the line of Dustin Jeffrey/Mark Letestu/Nick Johnson has a combined 31 points in the seven games they've been together. [Penguins Insider]

Zach Parise scored two goals last night, ending a 12 game goal-less streak.  Hopefully all the goals are out of his system for tonight, right? []

Four former Penguins (plus quitter Ziggy Palffy) will be on Team Slovakia.  Nice to see Miroslav Satan makes the team despite, you know, not playing for anyone at all this season. [CTV Olympics]

Tickets for the Winter Classic in Boston are a little on the expensive side. [Puck Daddy]

Pyscho parents, sadly, do seem to run pretty deep in hockey.  (Amusing Jarome Iginla anecdote in here) [The Hockey News]