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Tales of the Tape: Craig Adams vs. Matt Hendricks

Before I get started on this fight, let me take just one small moment to send a message to my dear brother Joe over at Mile High Hockey.

"Eat it, bro."

Alright, then. Onto the the fight.

(Props to GhostWalker40 for the video.)

This one broke out between Craig Adams and Matt Hendrickspretty early in the second period straight out of a face off. This is what one would call a 'slugfest' as the two traded blows back and forth with neither getting the edge on the other. The end came when a blow from Adams caused Hendricks to slip a bit, allowing him to catch Adams' arm and after a missed blow, takes Adams to the ice. I wouldn't really score that as a take down, as Hendricks really lucked into the position (by getting cracked) and thus I am calling this one a draw. A pretty good draw, but a draw nonetheless.

I was hoping for another round between Eric Godard and David Koci(they fought twice last season), but Koci was a healthy scratch for the Avs. Godard actually only has four fights this season, tying him with noted goal scorer Mike Rupp. For a team that has 22 fights this season, that's a surprisingly low number. This time last season, Godard had 8.

Next up is Chicago, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a fight to break out there. The last time a Blackhawk fought a Penguin was on January 13, 2006 when Lyle Odelein dropped the gloves with Matt Barnaby. For those of you who care, that was Odelein's last NHL fight.