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Sidney Crosby returns tonight against Hurricanes

"I'm in.  I've had a good couple days of rest and got it worked on. There's no more pain. That's all I really wanted to get rid of. I can deal with it right now."

Sidney Crosby
Official Penguins

"There's no more pain," and "I can deal with it right now," strike me as a bit condescending in a way.  If there's no more pain, shouldn't it be easy to deal with?  If anything it's probably more a concern of reinjuring than anything else.  If Sid's taking time off to let it heal then he'd know better than anyone when he's ready to return.

Good to hear.  And on a similarly good note, that same link announces that Chris Kunitz and Alex Goligoski skated this morning as well.  Still no set return on those two, but as Dan Bylsma would say, they're progressing.