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Tales of the Tape: Bill Guerin vs. Tim Gleason

Yeah, it sucks to lose a game, and it sucks worse when the one fight isn't a shining victory to help ease the pain a bit. But this one is fast and furious, so hopefully it will be somewhat entertaining.

(kudos to

What is there really to say on this one? Bill Guerin drops his gloves as soon as the puck is dropped and goes after Tim Gleason. After a shove, Gleason answers him and starts pounding away on Guerin's helmet. Guerin gets a bit of leverage and lifts Gleason up, pounding away when he hits the ice. Though the takedown was pretty, I have to give Gleason the win here for the onslaught of hits. It's a hollow victory though, as his hand simply cannot be feeling good after hitting helmet so many times. Ouch - just check out his knuckles when the camera zooms in.

I've heard a bit of whisperings that Guerin should have gotten an instigator call for this. What do you think?

Up next will be the Habs, and old Penguins goon Big Georges Laraque is back from his suspension that kept him out last game. Will we have a repeat of the craptastic 'fight' he and Eric Godard had last season?