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Let's see if a Pittsburgh team can win today

Many thanks to Dunman's postgame report.  I'd say he did a mighty fine job, yes?

The Pens have a day off, thankfully.  After witnessing the drop-dead loss to the Devils on Friday and watching the highlights from a dismal effort against the Leafs last night, a day off is exactly what they (and fans) need.

It's unfortunate, but the Penguins are really showing what they're made of after the all-star break.  Mediocrity.  That's the best way to label the Penguins' season.  One tremendous win over the Rangers, one pathetic overtime loss to the Devils and one regulation loss to the Leafs.

1-1-1.  Mediocrity.

But today is a bigger day for the city of Pittsburgh, and with all due respect it's only right to let you guys in on the best Steelers and Cardinals blogs on the net.

BehindTheSteelCurtain, SBN's Steelers blog.  I may be a Godless, souless, lifeless New York Jets fan, but when the Jets are eliminated from the playoffs (or more like don't make it at all), I switch my allegiance over to the Steelers. 

For those who wish to side with the Cardinals, there's Revenge of the Birds.  I'll admit that Kurt Warner's career is just an awesome story.  But for the sake of this Super Bowl, I'm all for the Steelers.

With that said, enjoy the day off.  The Pens hit the ice again on Tuesday against the Canadiens.  I don't have to tell you how important a win is...