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Tales of the Tape: Toronto Maple Leafs 1/31/09, Tyler Kennedy vs. Luke Schenn

We've been having several discussions on whether fighting should be banned in hockey, which has led to looking at just what fighting accomplishes in the game. Last night, Tyler Kennedy gave us a textbook example of exactly when a situation calls for dropping the gloves. Please take your seats, kids. Class is about to begin.

Luke Schenn checked the tar out of Malkin by the Penguins' bench, and during the replay, the teams came together to sort out some ill-feelings towards one another. Out of the scuffle skated Schenn and Tyler Kennedy (of all people) who removed their helmets and gloves and got down to business.

This is how it should be done. If you hit a star player hard, you can expect to get some retribution. It's not a matter of Malkin not being able to take a hit - it's a matter of making players think twice about doing it. It's why guys like Eric Godard, Georges Laraque and Donald Brashear have jobs in the NHL. Schenn hit Malkin and Kennedy stepped up for his teammate. That's how it's done.

As for the fight itself, you have to give Kennedy an A for effort on this one. He's not really a fighter - this is is first fight this season, tying his record from last season. Kennedy and Schenn both came out swinging, but with no hard hits, then Schenn took Kennedy down to the ice and kept swinging (uncool), but Kennedy got back up to his skates and connected with some nice shots before Schenn steered it back down to the ice and the linesmen got in to end things. I'm calling this one a draw - but I can understand why people would give it to Schenn.